राजकीय एलोपैथिक मेडिकल कॉलेज, बांदा

Government Allopathic Medical College, Banda

An Institute Under Government Of Uttar Pradesh

Naraini Road, Banda, U.P. - 210001 (India)




  1. Maintain a high standard of training and education.
  2. MBBS student's orientation and teaching according to the ever evolving field of infectious disease diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Implementation of world class infection prevention & control (IPC) practices according to the best contemporary scientific knowledge and approach.
  4. Implementation of Bio-medical waste (BMW) mana gement rules under Environment Protection Act/ legislation in India.
  5. Provide excellent diagn ostic and healthcare services for patient welfare.
  6. To become the centre of excellence for infectious diseases. For its prophylaxis, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
  7. To do world class level of research activities in collaboration with different departments.


  1. To establish Antibiotic stewardship.
  2. To establish HICC (Hospital Infection Control Committee) according to the law with control room access for quick action.
  3. Regular awareness and training off all HCWs about BMW management under IPC.
  4. To setup Advance testing lab/ Lab medicine.
  5. Provide best STI/RTI services to the community.
  6. Provide identification and AST/AFT (MIC) of infectious agent with the help of automated blood culture, identification and AST (MIC) system.
  7. To provide Infectious disease consultation to all other departments.
  8. To create a healthier environment where staff/students/faculty members can develop to their full potential.
  9. To initiate research a ctivity and get involved in Natio nal and International research projects which will help us in achieving the ultimate goal of serving the community, patients, stu dents, clinicians for the benefit of humanity as a whole.